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This is Marine Magic Brand New Auto Top Off system. This unit has 3 mode of operation.

With the super magnet float switch holder, you could choose any position of it on the fish tank surface.

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  • Dual float switch control
  • Super Magnet float swtich holder in transparent blue
  • LED inidication with soft panel.
  • 3 Mode to control water pump on / off
  • Brushledd DC water pump, lifting height 2-3 meter
  • Wall mountable, rubber feet with anti slipping
  • Universal adaptor


  • 12V, 1A Adaptor.
  • 12V Brushless DC water pump

Item included

  • 1 x controller
  • 2 x super magnet float switch holder
  • 2 x float switch
  • 1 x Brushledd DC  water pump
  • 1 x One Meter silicon tube
  • 12V universal adaptor with SAA, UL, GS or BS plug.


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