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Algae Skimmer is a water filtration device which uses light to grow algae. In this process, undesirable chemicals are removed from the water. Algae is growing by the Red and Blue light, and algae will remove toxic substance like NH4, NO3 and etc… in your salty aquarium tank

The Marine Magic MM-ALGAE-01 is a tank mounted version algae skimmer. Just mounting the device on your tank, connecting the LED module and water pump with the Marine Magic control, you could simply get your device set up.

To know more, you could down the user manual below.

User-Manual-IconAlgae Skmmer MM-ALGAE-01 User Manual

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  • Tank-mounted design Algae skimmer made of fine black acrylic
  • With controller to control LED on / off and water pump
  • With 12V DC brushless water pump
  • Replaceable algae growing net
  • 12 pcs 1W high power LED module for algae growing.
  • Silicon airline with high durability
  • Universal adaptor.


  • Input Power supply: AC 110-240V. With adaptor of LED and 12V water pump.
  • Filter: 1 side growth area with nylon mesh texture. The mesh area is 12 sq. inches.
  • 12 pcs x 1 W. 11 pcs Red at 660 nm and 1 pc Blue at 450nm.


  • 1 x Tank-mounted algae skimmer device with lid
  • 1 x LED module
  • 1 x Algae growing Net
  • 1 x 1 meter silicon airline
  • 1 x 12V DC water
  • 1 x Controller
  • 1 x Adaptor
  • 1 x Power cable to adaptor

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Weight 1050 g
Dimensions 155 x 63 x 135 mm


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