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  1. Hello,

    I ordered a marine magic tripple dose from you guys a couple months ago on eBay after my last one needed to be replaced due to water damage. I finally took it out of the box and noticed a couple things wrong. The item came with two AC adapter power cables and was missing the thermometer. Also the loser will not pull any liquid from container to tank. I sucked up some of the fluid into the intake of the doser to see if that would help and all the liquid does is pulsate in the tube when the pump is on. The tubes are connected correctly and I have tried anything and everything to try to get it working but the loser will not dose. I would really appreciate if I could get the unit replaced since it is brand new and not working. Could the unit possibly be refurbished since it is missing the thermometer? let me know what I need to do to remedy the situation and thanks for the help!


    1. Dear Sir,
      Thank you for your email. First of all, we would like to let you know we would not sell any refurbished item in our website and ebay connections.
      1. For the thermometer, we will send you a replacement, sorry for the wrong placement.
      2. For the sucking effect, please advise if all the 3 dosing pump is not sucking any. There are 2 reason it wont suck. First, the plastic connector between the airline and silicon tube is not connect well so air get inside. 2. The silicon tube has broken and air get inside the tube.
      Please try to interchange the pump head and plastic connector, I will send replacement to you all together.

  2. Dear Marine magic

    I recently bought MM03-C. When I opened the box there was no user manual. So now I’m finding it difficult to program the doser. Could you send me a manual or an electronic version of the manual if you have?

    kind regards

  3. Hi,

    Does your auto top off come with an alarm for over filling (in the event of malfunction)?



    1. The dual ATO second float switch is acting as a backup protection. Once the 1st one fail to perform, the 2nd one could work to protect

  4. Hi,
    Interested in your double algae skimmer. Could I mount it above the tank and use a pump to supply the water to the skimmer? Then let the return flow back into the tank? What pump size would be effective?

    1. Hi Sir, this design is working with a sump better.
      Although you could use a water pump to draw the water to the tank.

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